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Proposed new menu at @ The Haha Bar

The Haha Bar new menu May 2010


Fruit salad $9
Berry and date compote; Mixed berries and dates stewed with orange and spices, served with greek yohgurt.
Smoked salmon hotcakes, with sour cream, chives and baby spinach. $16
Eggs, poached, fried or scrambled, served on buttered toast 10
Eggs benedict, two poached eggs with hollandaise on toast, with your choice of ham, spinach or smoked salmon 13
New: Roast mushrooms on grilled italian bread, with shaved parmesan cheese and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. $13
New item: Scrambled eggs with prawns, fresh herbs and creme fraiche, served on toast.18
Gypsy eggs; braised beans, tomato, chorizo and bacon, with a poached egg on rye bread.15
Haha big breakfast, fried, poached or scarmbled free range eggs with roast tomato, bacon, spinach, mushrooms and hash brown 18

Lunch Starters

Chick peas $3.5
Olives 5
Bulgarian fetta 4
Semi dried tomatoes 4
Grilled Italian bread with olive oil, aged balsamic and dukkah 6
Garlic and herb bread 6
Haha tasting plate, olives, marinated fetta, aged cheddar and hommus with Italian bread 12
Home made dips with pita bread 12 extra bread 3
chunky chips with garlic aioli $8.5

Light meals and salads

Calamari moroccan spiced, with garden salad and garlic aioli 16
Potato and thyme roesti with onion, rocket and parmesan 16
Roast cajun sweet potato salad with rocket, semidried tomatoes, red onion and parmesan 16
Japanese beef salad, sirloin marinated in wasabi, soy, garlic, ginger and red wine, on a mixed salad with soy, balsamic dressing $18
Confit duck salad, classic french confit, with walnuts, pear, rocket, Parmesan cheese, raspberry vinegar and plum dressing 18
Caesar salad 15 add chicken 3
Chicken salad marinated in lime and coriander, with a chilli glazed pineapple pepperonata 17

Sour sweet yellow vegetable curry with basmati rice 18
Grilled atlantic salmon on roesti potato, a rocket salad and tomato, onion jam 21
Confit of duck with a white bean, bacon, chorizo and sage cassoulet 24
Open steak sandwich, sirloin steak cooked pink, with beetroot, rocket and semi dried tomatoes,< /br> onion and aioli. Served with fries 21
Chicken breast in coriander lime and garlic on asian greens, with coconut rice and chipotle aioli 22

Arrabiata, chorizo sausage, chilli, garlic and olives in a rich tomato sugo, tossed through spirelli pasta 18
Roast Mediterranean vegetables with spinach, fetta, garlic, sumac and extra virgin olive oil,< /br> topped with parmesan 17
Linguini carbonara, traditional bacon, cream and parmesan sauce thickened with egg 18
Linguini di mare, pan seared prawns, scallops, and fish in a rich tomato sauce with garlic and fresh parsely 22

Scorpello, king prawns and fresh fish with chilli, garlic and baby spinach, finished with fresh lemon 20
Confit of duck with exotic mushrooms baby greens and parmesan 20
Zucca, rst pumpkin, tomato, baby spinach, roast garlic, onion and parmesan 18


Garden salad 8
Poormans potatoes, chat potaoes fried with bacon , topped with sour cream and chives
Greek salad 9/ 16

Margherita, tomato, basil, garlic and bocconcini
Pepperoni, spicy pepperoni, with olives and a touch of oregano and chilli
Toltec chicken, spiced chicken, chilli glazed pineapple, pepperonata, spanish onions, coriander and cheese
Prosciutto pizza, semi dried tomatoes, roast peppers, bulgarian fetta and sage
Pesto pizza pesto, garlic, parmesan and fresh rocket
Roast vegetables, olives, fetta cheese and spanish onion
Zucca blue rst pumpkin, baby spinach, blue cheese, cashew crumble and mozarella. With balsamic reduction


Garlic prawns with tomato, shallots, and olive oil on toasted Italian bread
Tempura fish goujons with wasabi mayonnaise
Grilled haloumi cheese on a garlic crouton with tomato balsamic
shitake mushroom and tofu fritters with wasabi aioli
Coriander chicken with a pineapple salsa
Bocconcini and basil suppli with tomato jam and garlic aioli
Grilled chorizo with pepperonata
Poor man's potatoes, fried with bacon, served with sour cream and chives
Sticky pork belly
Potato and thyme roesti with onion, rocket and parmesan

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